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Bombinhas is the Capital of the Ecological Dive and one of Santa Catarina's most beautiful refuges. Located at the extreme east of Porto Belo's peninsula, the only of South of Brazil, Bombinhas is less than 1 hour of Florianópolis and Navegantes, cities of the main airports of the Santa Catarina coast The access by highway is made through BR101, duplicated, allowing a fast and calm trip.
The main economic activities of Bombinhas are, in first place the tourism, followed by the shellfish culture, with the creation of shellfishes and oysters, and of the handmade fishing. Due to the encounter of several marine currents in that area, the amount of fish and other marine organisms is quite high, allowing a full fishing.

With a population of approximately 10 thousand inhabitants, Bombinhas stand out for the hospitality of its people, and for the great diversity landiscaping, formed by beaches, wild cost without inlets, small streams and large brook, and the exuberant Atlantic forest. Bombinhas is today one of the Santa Catarina's balneary more sought by the families that look for peace and peacefulness during its vacations.
In spite of its fast urban development, the municipal district maintains its characteristic of local bucolic and confortable preserving the quality of life of the local population and visitors.

Colonized by açorianos immigrant in the XVIII century, its descendants still today maintain alive its habits and traditions in the dance of pau de fita, in the craft, in the tapestry and in the folklore.
Bombinhas are considered one of the 10 more beautiful baleary of Brazil. The most well-known beaches are Bombas, Bombinhas, 4 Ilhas, Cant Grande, Mariscal and Zimbros, allowing the practice of several nautical sports, as surf and windsurf. For the lovers of the dive, Bombinhas offer several operators and dive schools with international certificate. With excellent infrastructure in hotels and inns, and also great options in restaurants, bars, and entertainment, Bombinhas receive along the whole year, thousands of tourists from Brazil and of the exterior, that they come in search of its sea emerald color, and of its 22 wonderful beaches, framed by the green of the Atlantic forest.

The typical gastronomy of Bombinhas is full and tasty. Its plates with fruits of the sea are simple, but rich in flavors and aromas. For being a center of creation of shellfishes and oysters and with an abundant fishing, Bombinhas guarantee to its plates a special touch and an unequaled flavor. Its restaurants are excellent, and they have a replete variety in specialties of the area. In Bombinhas you can find the best places with options diversified to enjoy of moments of pleasure and good table.


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